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We are a young couple: Violeta Caldrés, Spanish, visual artist and interior decorator, and Adil Maqboul, Fes Morocco carpenter and a handyman for everything. We created DAR ARSAMA

("THE HOUSE OF ARTISTS" in Moroccan dialectal Arabic) with great desire to manage a traditional Riad Hotel Boutique, where people who visit us can have access to a wide cultural menu full of interesting activities.

We offer to live a unique and enriching experience on a cultural level in a magical city that still preserves the flavor of the authentic and traditional.

We are known for offering a personalized service to our clients and anticipating their needs, being able to count on the support of the hosts 24 hours a day.


We restored the house with great care and effort with our own hands, being a project of great effort that made us have to be very creative when it came to bringing life back to the old house that we bought in 2013.

After two and a half years without stopping working and living in the house, and despite the difficulties along the way, we finished the restoration and conditioning creating a beautiful and harmonious space, a small palace of one thousand and one nights, with all the modern western amenities adapted to the original house.

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