In Dar Arsama we want to be responsible with the environment, for that we wish your stay here be the most ecologic possible to preserve the environment and keep the ambient clean.

 What do we do:

  • Our 100% cotton bed sheets and towels they will be change only when the visitors ask and of course when a new guest is arriving.  

The products in the bathroom are refueled in containers reduce the waste.

More than 90% of the light bulbs of the house reduce power consumption.

The food prepared by our cook is cultivated in the local area, and most of it is ecological.

We prepare all our food from basic original products to eliminate the chemicals and unnecessary containers.

We collect the water from the washer machine to water the plants.

Always, if is possible we use natural products for cleaning.  For example vinegar and water to clean the windows, oil for the wood and furniture, and lemon to clean cooper metals.

What can you do:

Please turn off the light and other apparatus when you leave the room.

The Moroccan shop keepers sometimes insist to you to evolve in plastic bags everything. Our advice is to use fabric bags to reduce the consumption of plastic bags.

Don’t trough rubbish on the floor. Please keep the rubbish with you until you trough it away

The mayority of the shop keepers guides and other people wives to you visit cards. Keep one and leave it in the hotel for another people if you don’t think to use it in the future.

If you have any idea or suggestion of how to be more ecological please le us know.

*Is forbidden to smoke in all the house except in the terrace.